Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Hypnotist? 

    Good News!  Reaching that goal is easier & more affordable than you might think.           

Imagine being able to train with the prestigious New England Institute of Hypnotherapy and begin a rewarding career as a Hypnosis Practitioner for less than $200 !!  That's right !   For a one-time payment of only $197, you can be trained as a Master Hypnotist !  You would be able to help others, friends, family and yourself to create positive, dynamic changes in your life. 

If you could re-train your brain to do anything, if you could change your limiting beliefs in a week or less, how much better would your life be right now?  Only you can answer that  but for most of us, life would be a whole lot better!  You can use your training to help yourself, friends and family and you can also to begin a Hypnosis practice and help others to achieve their dreams while creating a comfortable income for yourself. 

Do you want to lose weight or stop smoking ?  Do you have a phobia that you'd like to be free of? Do you have a loved one you'd like to help who struggles with a debilitating issue ?  Do you yourself have issues with memory loss, need help with academic tasks, want to play a better game of golf fast ?   Or like many, have you always wanted your own business- a way to work at your own pace and have control of both your income and your work schedule?  This remarkable training opportunity opens the door to addressing all of the above !

Hi !  My name is Dr. Jo Ana Starr PhD

My name is Dr. Jo Ana Starr, Director of NEIH and I have over 30 years experience in the field of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.  I trained in 1987 to become a Certified Hypnotherapy professional because I believed deeply in the Hypnotic process in spite of having had a bad Hypnosis experience at the hands of an uncertified Hypnotist.  The gentleman meant well but didn't do well. This experience led me to realize that there was no professional practitioner on the planet more committed to my well-being than I was. And so I began an amazing journey toward wellness and about 7 years later formed a Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Certification training company, the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy.

Your Instructor

Dr Jo Ana Starr PhD, DD, CCHT, CHI



Unlike many other Hypnosis training options online, running a Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Programs is the only thing we do at NEIH.  Helping people to learn how to help themselves and to help other people with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is our primary focus. We've been at it for 18 years and have graduated more than 5200 Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy professionals in that period of time. 

While experience and longevity aren't the only attributes you look for in a training program, they do suggest that we're doing something right.  And by the way, NEIH is an approved provider for the American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy which means 2 more things to you; #1 we are considered a quality training program by all of the most highly regarded professional membership organizations  and #2 you get the assurance that NEIH is a serious professional training organization.  The New England Institute of Hypnotherapy has a solid track record and  thousands of happy students and graduates who succeed at what they do. 

On the Hypnotherapy Certification training side of things, we offer the premier Hypnotherapy training program in the nation, the CH201 Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification training program.  It's $997. and worth every penny. And if you prefer a Video-formatted training, the CH201 is  the best way to go.  Details on the CH201 training.  But if you enjoy Audio trainings, the HT101 Audio-formatted training program we're sharing with you now is an even greater value and easier to get started in. 

Brand New for 2015, the H101 Master Hypnotist training gives you the same high quality CH201 training information in an Audio version and full Master Hypnotist professional designation for about 70% off of the enrollment cost for the CH201 training.  Wow !!  The H101 Master Hypnotist training format makes earning a professional Master Hypnotist designation possible for almost anyone who desires it.  And you won't be disappointed in the 6+ hours of Audio Instruction Plus Digital Workbook, Plus 2 Digital Hypnosis Scriptbooks !! 


Hypnosis Options for Grads of this Program

OK, let's say that you really don't intend to practice Clinical Hypnosis.  Let's say you just want to work on some personal issues with Hypnosis.  Let's say that you want to stop smoking and have tried just about everything else.  First you might try a Self-Hypnosis CD or two offered online or on Ebay.  This is an inexpensive solution and frankly, I'd probably start there too if I weren't a Hypnotherapy professional.  Over the years, out of curiosity I've listened to a number of Self-Hypnosis CDs. Most are not well done, but some were fine. 

Depending on your success or lack of it with the CDs, your next  step will probably be to search out a trained Hypnosis professional if you're serious about making these changes.  In most US towns and cities, there aren't many practicing Hypnotists or Hypnotherapists, so there's often some drive time involved. The main challenge is probably the cost, however.  NEIH graduates in the US are charging $100-$250. per session and recommend a minimum of 3 sessions and frequently 6-8 sessions, depending on the application.  There's a practicing Certified Hypnotherapy professional  in CT who offers his clients only 1 Weight Loss program.  It's 12 sessions at $250. per sessions, paid in full upfront.  And people pay it. Yikes !  Most Certified Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists offer more flexible and affordable options than this gentleman but you get the point.  You can spend a lot of time and money working with a Certified Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy professional.  If he/she is good, it will be money well-spent, but you won't know for sure until you're in the middle of the program. 

By far, learning how to Do It Yourself is a better, safer solution to me; it's the one I chose back in 1987. Save the drive, save the bucks, save the time, do the Self-Hypnosis sessions right, be able to use your own CD or Audio daily for reinforcement, and have the option to begin a full or part-time practice if you choose. If you find that you love Hypnosis as much as our graduates generally do, you may decide to practice as a Master Hypnotist.  It's surprising how many graduates take a program to help themselves and family and end of starting a practice.

More good news!  After completing the  program, you can use the training in the way you choose.  Years ago, we trained a college student who took the training for the sole purpose of helping himself, then had a lot of friends who wanted sessions, and finally he created a website offering custom Hypnosis sessions on CDs which enabled him to give up a business he'd been running to fund his college expenses. Many of our students enroll in a Hypnosis training after talking with local Hypnotherapists and learning their fees.  They find it much more cost-effective to take the training themselves than to pay Hypnosis session fees. And Hypnosis is a valuable life skill to have with a great side benefit - it's one of the greatest conversation-starters you'll ever encounter.

If you're still reading this, then you clearly have an interest in learning how to use Hypnosis effectively.  And at only $197, you will not find a better professional Master Hypnotist training opportunity anywhere. 



If you enroll right now or in the next 48 hours, we will include 40% more training material- 4+ Hours of Bonus Audio Instructional Material as part of your training package. This portion of the training considerably enhances the included 6+ hours of the H200 Hypnosis Practitioner training program, AND it's a FREE Bonus Value of $129 !!

More good news!  Your training material is available to you instantly, just as soon as you enroll.  Your Hypnosis Certification training material comes to you as a download so you don't have to wait for the Postman or the UPS guy.  Hit the button and your download instructions are there in a heartbeat.


With Early Enrollment in the next 48 hours, you are receiving almost $500. worth of training material for less than $200 !!

So let's review:

This is an amazing amount of high quality training material for this price !!

For those of you who have wanted to earn a Master Hypnotist professional designation, but couldn't find a legitimate training program in your price range, here's the opportunity you've been looking for.  For those of you who have some issues that you like to address with Hypnosis, here's a way to get good Hypnosis with a person you totally trust, yourself !!   And for both groups, we are delighted to be able to offer you this quality, affordable training opportunity.  Join us now to create a better tomorrow for yourself and others !!   If you have questions or if you'd prefer to enroll online, please call our office at 888-457-7999.

If you're ready to invest in yourself and your future, click below:



Your H101 Master Hypnotist training includes the audio version of the NEIH  CH201 Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Seminar along with additional training materials.  You will receive the regular 6+ hours of audio instruction, a Digital Hypnosis Workbook and 2 Digital Hypnosis Scriptbooks!  With Early Enrollment in the next 48 hours, you also receive your Bonus-4+ Additional Hours of Audio Training, a value of $129.  Again, your FREE Bonus almost doubles the value of your H101 Master Hypnotist training program.

We suggest that you listen to the audio training files several times and take notes as you go. Your Master Hypnotist evaluation test is at the end of the workbook which you will complete and email in to NEIH.  After we have reviewed your exam material and you've passed, we will send you your Master Hypnotist Certificate-digital edition, verifying that you've successfully completed this training !  We're here for you and we want you to succeed.


First of all, the only prerequisite for enrollment in the H101 is a High School diploma or a GED.  You do not need to have completed college to enroll in this program nor do you need to be working in a related field.  The NEIH H101 is an open enrollment program in every way !

To get started, click the Button below which will take you  to enrollment page where you can use any credit or debit card; your card will be charged $197. and you will receive your download instructions momentarily. You will use the training materials as indicated in the instructions included with the training.  When you have finished the training program, you will complete the Certification Evaluation form, submit your answers by email,  and become a Master Hypnotist!  If for some reason, you don't complete the exam successfully, you will be given the opportunity to retake the exam.  So, for less than $200. and in an average of 2 months, you can become a professional Master Hypnotist!  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

At NEIH, we are proud to offer high quality, affordable Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy trainings and the H101 is the newest and most affordable of our Hypnosis training options.  We invite you to join us on this great learning adventure.  Click below to invest in yourself, in a better future, and a happier you !


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